The season of Advent is filled with rich imagery, beloved scripture passages and haunting music telling of creation, original sin, the years of exile and waiting, all culminating with the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

This Advent we will focus on our Mission Statement: To Live, Seek, Commit and Serve and apply it to our Advent preparations. We are asked to live the Gospel fully present in the moment, to seek the lost and point them to the way of the Christ Child, to commit whole heartedly to a life with Christ Jesus and to serve those in our community, especially at this time of year, those less fortunate that ourselves.

During Advent we encourage you to seek out opportunities of prayer at Sunday and weekday Masses, Monday evening vespers, reconciliation offered both communally and privately and to serve others in the community, to celebrate the season fully and with your whole heart. Many blessings for a hopeful, prayerful, and peace filled Advent Season.

Reflections on the Advent Scripture Readings Advent Vespers

Advent Reconciliation

St. Nick at Nite

Immaculate Conception at St. Anthony on the Lake

Giving Tree at St. Anthony on the Lake


Christmas Quilt Sale at St. Anthony on the Lake


O Come Little Children at St. Anthony on the Lake

Advent Reconciliation at St. Anthony on the Lake

Lessons and Carols

Liturgical Ministers Needed for Christmas Mass

Christmas Mass Schedule at St. Anthony on the Lake