Areas of Impact

Contact Maureen Michaels at or (262) 691-9170 X1101 to find out more information about these ways to help our Sister Parish, Santisimo Sacramento

FAMILY TO FAMILY PROGRAM - With over 40,000 people in Fr. Joe Uhen’s parish there are plenty of families in Piura that could benefit from a St. Anthony sponsor family. Monthly Peru Programs St. Anthony on the Lakesupport helps supply rice, beans, powdered milk, oil and various other sundries. These supplies help supplement the monthly food needs for approximately two weeks, which gives the family a means of stretching their income for the month. The average wage for most members of Santisimo Sacramento is between $5-8 per day for 8 hours of work.
The cost to sponsor a family is $30 per month or $360 per year. St. Anthony’s currently sponsor over 350 families in Piura.
Giving options:  Hard Copy Sponsorship Form or Online Sponsorship Form through PushPay
EDUCATION FUND -There are families who cannot afford the $20 state school tuition for their child let alone the cost of supplies and a book bag.   Donations to help with this are always welcomed.  Padre Joe opened a parish run school for K3 thru High School students call Mother of Good Counsel.  Donations to help with tuition or supplies for this school are also always in need.   There is also a Trade School for students after high school where they can learn trades such as computer technology, auto mechanic, nursing, bakery, construction, cosmetology and sewing clothes.
FARM FUND -Initially 42 Farmers were given $1000 each as a loan to plant, grow and harvest rice, corn and beans.  Land was owned by the farmers but they did not have the means to cultivate until these loans.  In the past they rented their property to a local manufacturer for $250 per year.  With these loans they are now able to grow their crops themselves and then sell them.  The $1000 initial loans were repaid to the parish after harvest, and the profit realized by the farmer which far exceeded the $250 received from renting.   There are about 135 farmers who have joined together to form a co-op.  These farmers pool their crops together and are now exporting to India, China and possibly Japan.  They have built a huge building which can house 20,000 bags of product.  A rice mill has been donated along with a John Deere tractor, both from the generosity of St. Anthony parishioners.   
HOSPICE CENTER - A Hospice center was constructed with donations made in memory of Mark Redmond.  The facility was built as a place where the terminally ill can go to get medical care and be with their family during their final days.  A chapel was also built on the premises where prayer and Mass can be celebrated.  Donations to this ministry help offset the costs of supplies and staff of this facility.
MEDICAL - A medical clinic has been constructed under the main parish facility. Various surgeries are performed each year by volunteer doctors and nurses from the states.  A Therapy Program has been established which consists of volunteers who travel down to work their magic with Speech, Occupational and Physical therapies.  Supplies are needed to facilitate these efforts so donations are welcome. 
CASA CONSTRUCTION - For $650 a home can be built for a Piuran family.  These homes are built of bamboo poles, reed walls with a metal roof and door.  To date St. Anthony members have built over 200 homes for families in Peru. 
GROCERY STORES - Approximately 20 in home “tiendas” have been sponsored enabling the mother of a family to stay home and sell staples right out the front window of her casa.  The cost to start up one of these stores is $300 and generates about an income of approximately $5 to $8 per day.
THERAPY CLINIC - A therapy clinic has been built where Speech, Physical and Occupational therapy can be obtained for free.   Donations to this program help to offset the cost of the therapists salaries and supplies needed for their treatments.
QUILTERS for PERU - The parish Quilting Group works diligently all year to create beautiful works of art which are sold with proceeds benefiting a Peru family and the Senior Center in Piura.  
MOTHER REDEEMER GIRLS HOME - Mother Redeemer Girls Home is a facility run by an order of nuns where young girls from age 6 thru 18 live in a safe environment. Some of the girls are orphans but many have parents who live in the mountains or the jungle where it is not safe for young girls. The nuns provide a good education and also teach basic skills such as cooking, baking, sewing to prepare the girls for life after Mother Redeemer. They actually bake items and sew thing to sell in the open market. Several St. Anthony parishioners send money on a regular basis which is used to purchase eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables for the girls who normally have a steady daily diet of rice and beans.
ANNUAL SHIPPING CONTAINER - A semi-sized shipping container is sent to our sister parish each year.  Participants in the Family to Family program are able to send items to their Peru family.  Other members of our parish community are also invited to send useful items on this container.  We will not be shipping a container in 2023.  If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Michaels at
WE “CAN” FOR PERU - “We Can for Peru” is a monthly drive to collect aluminum cans which are then taken to a recycling center generating about $250-$300 per month which helps offset the cost of therapist salaries at the Therapy Clinic. 
MISCELLANEOUS DONATIONS - Miscellaneous donations can be sent at any time to help with other needs for the ministry in Piura such as vehicles, equipment, tools, etc.  Click here for Donation Request List
ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE - A pilgrimage to Peru is made each year.  All are welcome!  The awareness generated from these trips has made such an impact that it helps to drive all the programs established within this sister parish relationship.