Finance Council

Finance Council prayerfully manages the financial blessings our community has been blessed by in a responsible and accountable manner.

Finance Council meets on certain Mondays at 6:30pm.  Please contact the Parish Office for information: [email protected] or 262-691-1173.

Finance Council Forms and Information

Finance Council Members

Cheryl Oliva, Chairperson - 2021-2024 

Kris Coffey - 2023-2026

Jim Flanagan – 2023-2026

Bill Goggins - 2023-2026

Paul Matson - 2021-2024

Barb Webb - 2022-2025

John Hooyman - Trustee Treasurer, 2023-2025

Sheri Schmit– Trustee Secretary, 2022-2024

Kate Spitz  – Pastoral Council Rep

Sandy Wysocki - Pastoral Council Rep

Father Tony Zimmer, Pastor

Art Scheuber – Director of Administrative Services

Shannon Dakovich – Staff Accountant