New Family Welcome

Welcome to our new families!

Just ask our students what they like best about St. Anthony on the Lake and they will tell you, “it feels like home!” The family atmosphere at our school is something we treasure and want to extend to all of our new families. That is why we at St. Anthony on the Lake have developed a Mentoring Program.

When you register at St. Anthony on the Lake we will match your family with an experienced family who will contact you and can answer your questions about school, dress code, volunteer opportunities, etc. During the summer, we host a social gathering for mentors and new families so you can get to know a few friendly faces prior to the start of school. Mentors remain a resource for new families throughout the school year.

If you have an questions, please contact Mr. Marty Van Hulle at [email protected] or 262-691-0460.

“The right school does make a difference.”