Parish History

During the early 1900's, a petition by the Catholics of the south and west shores of Pewaukee Lake to the chancery resulted in a priest being assigned to offer Sunday Mass. On Sunday, June 30, 1918, Fr. Eugene Rudge celebrated the first
Mass at the Auer Park home of Mary Siegfried, with 46 worshipers.

In 1936, the "mission church", which was built on the southwest corner of Angela Road and Louis Avenue in 1920, was moved 150 feet and enlarged. Fr. J.J. Barbian was pastor. Dr. Anthony J. Taugher donated a statue of his patron saint and the new church was named St. Anthony.

Under the direction of Pastor William Loesch, ground was broken for a school building on the Hwy SS property in 1957, and a house moved from old Hwy 30 was placed on the property to be used as a rectory. A convent was completed in 1959 and school opened that year for grades 1-6, with 7th & 8th added in successive years. The parish now boasted 200 families.

In 1963, the little church in Auer Park was no longer adequate and it was decided to temporarily use the school hall as a chapel.

School was expanded, adding 2 new classrooms, the gym, and a library; and the "temporary" school hall chapel had pews, carpeting, lighting, and a sound system installed in 1973-74.

In 1991, a 2-room kindergarten was added; and, in 1994, the convent was converted into a parish center with offices & meeting rooms, the school was repainted and carpeted, and the rectory was repainted and updated as well.

The building process for the new church & parish offices began in 1997, and the dedication of the church was held Sept. 5, 1999, for over 1000 parish families. In 2002, the parish completed the new church building project by finishing the lower level Fellowship Hall, Parish kitchen, rest rooms and new wing of multi-usage space for Christian Formation, Childcare, classrooms, and meeting space. In the summer of 2002, the school building was remodeled to accommodate the addition of 8th grade to the school program.

In 2005 and 2006, the Parish celebrated Golden Jubilee as a Full-Fledged Parish and rolled out new mission statement: LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ, COMMIT to worship and lifelong faith formation; SERVE others in need.

Parish embraced concept of total Family Program Catechesis in 2006 and 2007.

"Continuing our Journey" planning for the future was adopted in 2007 and 2008.

Pastors and Priests

1918 Fr. Eugene Rudge celebrated first Mass Memorial window to remember our pioneer members.

1920 - 1937 Fr. J. J. Barbian

1937 - 1937 Fr. William O'Connor

1937 - 1943 Fr. Anthony Makowski

1943 - 1951 Fr. Anthony Makowski

1951 - 1955 Fr. Sylvester Peters

1955 - 1966 Fr. William Loesch

1966 - 1967 Fr. George A. Etzel

1967 - 1994 Fr. Linus L. Schmelzer

1994 - 2004 Fr. R. Thomas Venne

2006 - 2009 Fr. Daniel Volkert

2004 - 2010 Fr. Joseph Hornacek

2010 - Present Fr. Anthony Zimmer