Pastoral Council

"The Council shall be a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of the parish..."St. Anthony on the Lake

It does this by fostering growth within the the parish family and the sharing of spiritual gifts and talents; by encouraging positive relationships among all members of parish, and by collaborating with other parishes, especially those parishes in our cluster and the wider community.

Nominations for Leadership Positions Begin March 13-14, 2021

Pastoral Council Forms and Information

Pastoral Council Members 2020-2021

  • Pastor: Fr. Tony Zimmer

  • Chair: Melinda Lanham

  • Vice Chair: Brian Milam

  • Secretary: Kate Spitz

  • Stewardship Liaison: Richard Strassburger

  • Lifelong Faith Formation Liaison: Bob Bluhm

  • School Liaison: Maryclaire Torinus

  • Prayer and Worship Liaison: Paul Baures

  • Human Concerns Liaison: Jeff Ellington

  • Finance Council Liaisons:  Tony Wendorf and Bob Loth

  • Trustee-Treasurer: Tom Brandt

  • Trustee-Secretary: Cheryl Oliva

Meeting Minutes