Quick Facts

Staffing FactsSt. Anthony on the Lake School

  • Principal, Marty Van Hulle, email [email protected]

  • Principal Certification, State of Wisconsin and Archdiocese of Milwaukee

  • School Accreditation, Archdiocese of Milwaukee & WI Religious & Independent School Accreditation

  • Full-Time Teachers, 13

  • Part-Time Teachers, 4

  • Classroom Aides, 4

  • Extended Day Care, 7

  • Teacher Certification, State of Wisconsin and Archdiocese of Milwaukee

    St. Anthony on the Lake School

School Facts

  • Grade Levels, 3K–8th grade

  • School Enrollment, 226 Total Students Students, 50 Middle School Students (grades 6th-8th), 176 Elementary School Students (grades 3K-5th)

  • Average Class Size, 20 students

  • Daily School Hours, First Bell 7:20am, Tardy Bell 7:25am, Classes Start 7:30am, Dismissal 2:30pm

  • Uniform Policy,  Yes (Details can be found on our Resources and Forms page)

  • Hot Lunch Program:   Yes

Technology St. Anthony on the Lake School                                   

  • SMART Board interactive whiteboard in each classroom  

  • One Chromebook per student in grades 3rd–8th  

  • Symmetrical high-speed fiber internet

  • Network access points in each classroom & campus-wide WiFi

  • Students use the Google Suite 

Buddy Classes   

  • Upper grade classes are partnered with “buddies" in lower grades

  • Buddy classes attend weekly Mass together along with other events


  • $4,086* Parish Member

  • $6,334* Non-Parish Member

  • *price reduced for each additional child, includes mandatory fees.  Proposed for 2023-2024 School Year. To be reviewed/approved by Finance Committee.

After School Care 

  • Yes (2:30pm-6:00pm, Monday-Friday) 

Religion Classes 

  • 200 minute/week grades 6th-8th

  • 150 minutes/week grades 4th-5th

  • 100 minutes/week grades K5-3rd 


  • Student-led Mass each Wednesday

  • Additional School Masses on Holy Days 


  • Daily school-wide opening prayer

  • Additional prayer in lunchroom and classrooms

  • Stations of the Cross each Friday during Lent

  • Prayer Labyrinth

 Sacrament Preparation  

  • First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in 2nd grade 

Extracurricular Activities                                         

  • Athletics (5th-8th)

    •    Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Cheerleading

  • Band (4th-8th)

  • Boy Scouts

  • Chess Club

  • Choir

  • 8th grade Washington D.C. trip

  • Girl Scouts

  • Musical

  • Individual Student Service Hours (5th-8th)

  • Student Government 

Community Outreach   

  • Jim Luther New Hope Center Cereal Drive

  • Souper Bowl Soup Drive for Pewaukee Food Pantry               

  • Giving Tree

  • School-wide collection of food & clothing for local shelters & giving organizations:

    •     House of Peace Food Baskets, Repairers of the Breach, Waukesha County Clothing Drive, Pewaukee Food Pantry, Second Harvest

  • Support of our Sister Parish in Peru

  • Support of Childhood Cancer:  G-9, MACC Fund, Children’s Hospital

  • Service-oriented field trips 

School Tours  

  • Please contact our school office at 262-691-0460 or [email protected] to schedule a tour of St. Anthony on the Lake School.  We look forward to seeing you!