Confirmation Sponsor Selection Form

While each prospective candidate receives formation from a catechist, the custom of the youth selecting his/her own personal sponsor is maintained. The sponsor, like the catechist, supports the candidate in any way she/he can during (and after) the Confirmation program. As a representative of the larger faith community, the sponsor should be selected by the youth with certain qualities in mind. These qualities are listed below.

The sponsor must:Confirmation Sponsor Selection

  1. Be a full member of the Roman Catholic Church. That is, the sponsor must have celebrated all three sacraments of Christian Initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation;

  2. Be an active, practicing Catholic who is not prohibited by Church law from exercising the role of sponsor;

  3. Be sufficiently mature for the role of sponsor;

  4. Not be the candidate’s parent.

Recommended sponsors:

  • A respected adult relative, friend, or neighbor

  • Parish catechist or active parish member;

  • Those who meet the above requirements and with whom the candidate is comfortable sharing his/her faith life.

The gender of the sponsor is immaterial. In cases of necessity, a parent may serve as proxy for the sponsor.

Please click here to make your sponsor selection form by Monday, December 4.  We will contact sponsors, so please have this be accurate. Thank you.

You can download another copy of your sponsor/candidate conversation guide here.