Substance Abuse Prevention Team Resources

A team of St. Anthony Parishioners taking actions to help stop drug abuse in our community and help people and families dealing with abuse. 

Contact Deacon Dennis Petrie at [email protected] with questions.

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  • NEW:  VAPING Educational Videos
    Recently our team worked with the Drug Abuse Prevention and organization Elevate, to create two brief educational videos.  These videos have been shown to children and parents in Family Program and Confirmation Program, and they are now being shared with the Parish at large.

    • The first is an 11 minute video on the many risks and issues associated with vaping and a suggested approach for students and families to have discussions about why and how to avoid vaping.

    • The second is a 5 minute video by a high school student in our area who has been trained by the Elevate organization to be a peer mentor who talks to other students to help them resist or stop using drugs.  

  • Family Program parent's comment: I really appreciated the opportunity to receive information about the evolution of the ways substances are marketed to kids.  It was uplifting to sit with my daughter and be given the space, in the context of the presentation, to really listen to her thoughts about issues that will surely cross her path.  There’s never an easy or good time for these important conversations and this opportunity to “go there” was well received by all of us. 


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Marijuana Legalization Discussion

Resources for those dealing with substance or other abuse themselves

Resources for those dealing with a family member or friend who has a substance abuse issue

Resources for general substance abuse information and education

Contact Deacon Dennis at [email protected] if you would like to speak to a parish member familiar with any of the organizations above.