Technology at St. Anthony on the Lake is constantly being updated and improved.

Some of the latest updates include mobile devices for all students (1:1 Program), a large network expansion, and a transition to faster Fiber Optic internet connection. All school devices are networked and each classroom and public space has its own wireless access points to ensure connectivity.

A few highlights of Technology at St. Anthony on the Lake:

  • Students from 3K to 8th grade enjoy use of iPads and/or Chromebooks. The 1:1 Program begins for students starting in K5 and devices may be brought home starting in Grade 2.

  • Students use the Google Education Suite for productivity: Google Docs, Google Slides, etc. are used for writing and presenting, Google Drive for collaboration, and Google Classroom to connect with their classmates and teachers.

  • St. Anthony on the Lake has a network that is protected by a business-class firewall and a security device that filters undesirable internet content.

  • Each classroom at St. Anthony on the Lake is equipped with a Smartboard, allowing students to engage in active learning.

  • Pre-K through 2nd grade students learn basic computer skills and practice classroom-taught concepts using math, science, language, drawing programs, and mobile apps alongside curriculum-driven internet research. Teachers engage directly with the students to provide modern learning solutions that are right for them.

  • Keyboarding is taught starting in Pre-K and skills are reinforced all the way through 8th grade.

  • St. Anthony on the Lake measures student progress with individualized assessments that provide data to the teachers in real time. These assessments help students, teachers, and families set personalized learning goals that meet the needs of the student and match the curriculum.