Vision and Values


Students To create a Christian atmosphere sensitive to the individuality and dignity of each child, in such manner that they will develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, personally and physically.

Family To assist and cooperate with the parents in developing the spiritual values and academic skills necessary in educating their children.

Personnel To establish an atmosphere of love and acceptance by cooperating, sharing talents and accepting the uniqueness of each other, thus enabling us to teach as Jesus did.

Parish To model for the children the Gospel message through prayer, worship and service enabling them to be active members of their parish community

Spiritual Development Religious Education is provided through formal educational instructions and living experiences. This includes Scripture, worship, basic teachings, justice and peace, and respect for life. Formative religious experiences (liturgical, para-liturgical, and service) lead to a living, conscious, and active faith which results in the formation of the Christian community.

Personal Development St. Anthony's School Community will work to establish an atmosphere, which is conducive to building a positive image of self, God and others. This value can be enhanced through encouragement, respect and guidance toward recognition of each child's strengths and limitations in setting personal goals.

Intellectual Development Together, faculty and parents will strive to instill students with a love and enthusiasm for learning. We will offer an appropriate contemporary, quality educational program that attempts to meet the needs of each student and helps to develop his/her unique abilities. It also instills skills in self-learning, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and peace making.

Social Development St. Anthony School will assist its students to become socially responsible persons through a curriculum and atmosphere which stresses the importance of respect for all people - regardless of any physical, mental, cultural or material differences, and an appreciation for nature and property that reflects good Christian citizenship. Both adults and children in the school community model openness, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity.

Physical Development It shall be the concern of our school community to develop sound minds and bodies in our students in accordance with good health habits. Physical activities, whether extra-curricular or co-curricular, are developed to provide for the individuality, culture and interests of each child. These activities should enrich adult and student interaction as well as provide opportunities for leadership, cooperation, responsibility and creativity that reflect the Christian values of the school.


The elementary school years are a child's most formative years. These impressionable years are the very foundation of a child's development as a student and as a responsible member of society. St. Anthony School has an educational program designed to help each child develop in many important ways:

Academic Excellence

We are proud of our record of academic excellence. St. Anthony students consistently score above average on standardized tests, and perform very well in the high schools when they leave St. Anthony. We attribute the impressive performance of our students to a number of factors, including: an emphasis on the "basics" of the curriculum, the maintenance of order and discipline in the school, parental involvement, and a talented and dedicated faculty.


Accredited by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, St. Anthony School has an excellent instructional program, stressing the basic skills throughout the academic and spiritual subject areas, as well as encouraging students to become involved in various extracurricular activities. The following subjects are taught:

  •  Religion

  •  Language Arts

  •  Music

  •  Physical Education

  •  Reading

  •  Social Studies

  •  Art

  •  Computer Education

  •  Science

  •  Mathematics

  •  Spanish

  •  Spelling

  • Handwriting

Students are challenged and participate in spelling and geography bees, speech writing and art contests, science fairs, talent shows and music concerts. Cooperative education, school assemblies and field trips help to enhance each student's experience at St. Anthony's.