St. Anthony Catholic in Recovery Groups

Catholic in Recovery

Background Catholic in Recovery (CIR) is a nonprofit organization that offers 12-step recovery programs to serve those suffering from addictions and unhealthy attachments and the family and friends that support them.  CIR 12-step programs are unique in they directly incorporate the Catholic Faith, Scripture and the Sacraments in the healing process. 

St. Anthony hosts two different in-person CIR Groups, both of which meet at St Anthony on Tuesday evenings:

  • General Recovery Group – This group uses the 12-step recovery process to help people suffering from addictions to alcohol, food, or other substances. The higher power in the CIR 12-step process is Jesus Christ, and the Mass and Sacraments are an integral part of the healing process. The CIR process works in cooperation with, NOT IN PLACE OF, other 12 step groups that attendees might be attending.  If you are interested in attending this CIR group and/or want more information, email [email protected]

  • Family and Friends Group– This group supports the Family and Friends of those suffering from addictions to alcohol, food and other substances and unhealthy compulsions. The group’s intent is to offer an opportunity for family members or friends of people with an addiction to meet with others in similar circumstances, to pray together, and have an opportunity to express how their life has been impacted by a loved one’s addiction.  If you are interested in attending this group and/or want more information, email [email protected].

Both the General Recovery Group and the Family and Friends group will meet every Tuesday evening from 7-8 p.m. at St Anthony’s. 

  • The General Recovery Group meets in Room PLC-B (Serving Room). 

  • The Family and Friends Group meets in room PLC-A (Youth Room). 

Take Oakton Rd West from HWY SS to the lower St. Anthony Lot.  Enter through glass doors at North end of the lot and follow the signs to the rooms. Your interest in and attendance at group meetings will be confidential. 

Additional CIR Information
- If you would like more information about the Catholic In Recovery organization or are interested in attending CIR virtual meetings for those with addictions or unhealthy attachments, go to

To follow are other resources for those dealing with substance or other abuse:

To follow are other resources for those dealing with a family member or friend who has a substance abuse issue

To follow are other resources for general substance abuse information and education

For some of the resources above, Deacon Dennis may be able to connect you with parishioners who have experience with them. Email Dcn Dennis at [email protected] if you would like to be connected to a parishioner who has used one of the above resources.