School Committee

The School Committee meets as part of the Parish Common Leadership Night. St. Anthony on the Lake School

The meetings are typically held the second Monday of the month.  All school parents/guardians are welcome to attend the School Committee meetings, however if you have an item you would like to discuss with the committee please email the School Committee at [email protected] one week prior to the scheduled meeting night with the topic you would like to discuss, so you can be added to the agenda.

School Committee needs you! Many hands make for lighter work! Please come and see what we are all about!

2021-22 Committee Members

Florence Prospero - Chair
Ashley Packee – Vice Chair
Laura Swenson
Angie Lois
Cliff Johnson
Jamie Von Rueden – Volunteer Coordinator
Bryn Feyen -Finance
Chris Gries – Finance
Joni Schewe
Lindsay Mueller
Alyssa Cloherty
Katy Anheuser
Mary Milovic


2020-21 Committee Members

Susan Goggins - Chair
Florence Prospero - Vice Chair
Ashley Packee - Volunteer Coordinator
Dan Hogan - Finance
Melanie Sobotka -newsletter
Melissa Bodden
Mary Milovic
Laura Swenson
Brynn Feyen
Matthew Schmitt
Cliff Johnson
Jamie Von Rueden
Joni Schewe
Alyssa Cloherty
Bridget Sadowski