CYM Basketball

Welcome to CYM (Catholic Youth Ministry) Boys and Girls Basketball in grades 9-12 at St. Anthony on the Lake. CYM Basketball at St. Anthony on the Lake

Are you looking for an opportunity for team spirit that combines youth ministry and sports?  The Archdiocese sponsors a recreational CYM Basketball League for high schoolers. Our parish will once again field teams competing with other SE Wisconsin parishes. 


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Rose and Joe Nelson ([email protected]) will continue to coordinate the program. Thanks to all the parents who served as coaches and who supervised practices last season! Contact Cindi Petre at [email protected] if you are willing to assist.

Note: We can only accept three 'non-parishioners' per team which will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Students not attending parish religious education classes or a Catholic high school or seniors who are not confirmed or pursuing Confirmation will be considered a 'non-parishioner' by the Archdiocese.

“Live your sport as a gift from God, an opportunity not only to improve your talents, but also a responsibility… I have confidence in all the good you can do, especially among young people.”   ~Pope Francis encouraging sports as a gift from God on August 13, 2013

CYM Basketball at St. Anthony on the Lake