What to Expect on Baptism Day

What to Expect on The Baptism DayBaptism Day at St. Anthony on the Lake

Baptisms are celebrated during the 5:00, 9:00, and 10:45 Mass or as a service at 12:30 Sunday afternoon. In addition to the priest or deacon, a baptism hospitality minister will be available to assist before, during and after the Baptism.  A confirmation email with instructions on what time to arrive, where to meet, and details about the baptism day will be sent a few weeks prior to the baptism date.


Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior the baptism.  This will give you time to meet with the hospitality minister who will show you where to put your things and which pew you will be sitting in.  Older children are usually baptized outside of Mass at the 12:30 service. The presider will want to meet with parents and Godparents for introductions and instructions.  We suggest family and friends sit in the back near the font. 

During Mass:

Parents and Godparents are included in the opening procession and will sit in the front pews in the center aisle.  Father will begin the celebration and then invite each family to come up.   One parent will introduce parents and godparents to the congregation.  You will be asked by Father to state your child’s name and trace the sign of the cross on his/her forehead.  After the Homily the Baptism rites are performed.  Father Tony will invite parents and Godparents back to the font at this time.  At the end of Mass, Father will give a special blessing to the parents. Then the parents, child and Godparents join in the procession for the conclusion of Mass.

Baptism at 12:30 Service:

The deacons of the parish usually celebrate the 12:30 Baptismal rite. For baptisms outside of mass everyone sits in the back of church near the font. Parents and Godparents will process to the Baptismal font and be introduced. You will be asked by the deacon to state your child’s name and trace the sign of the cross on his/her forehead.  There will be a reading and Homily.   After the Homily the deacon will invite parents back to the font for the Baptism rites.   At the end of the celebration the deacon will give a special blessing to the parents.  The Baptism ceremony will last about 45 minutes to an hour.

It is customary to give a stipend of whatever you are comfortable with to the Priest or Deacon who baptizes your child.  They would be happy to take the time to be included in pictures if asked!

Choosing a Godparent Baptism at St. Anthony on the Lake

What is the role of the Godparents?

The role of the Godparents is to be a good model of faith and values for your child and a support for you as you try to raise your child in faith.

During the Baptism ritual, the Godparents are signs of God’s love to the child.  They demonstrate that God’s love extends beyond the child’s parents.  In that way, they also represent the larger faith community who promises to help the newly baptized child to grow spiritually.

The Godparents’ commitment extends even further as they make a personal commitment to safeguard the child’s faith.

Who is eligible to be a Godparent? 

  • Only one sponsor is required in Baptism, no more than two are permitted.

  • Two sponsors of the same gender are not allowed. One must be male and the other female.

  • One must be a practicing Catholic, having received the Sacraments of Initiation—Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.

  • Sponsors must be 16 years old.

  • Sponsors cannot be the child’s parents.

  • If the Godparents cannot be present at the Baptism, a proxy may be appointed to represent them.

Some other things to consider: 

  • Look for someone who truly lives the faith—they should be an example to the child that the faith is important to someone else beyond their parents.

  • Find someone who will support you in your effort to nurture your child’s faith.

  • Choose someone who will build a special relationship with your child.